Camp NanaPa

Aug. 4 – 11, 2019 – Gig Harbor RV Resort, Gig Harbor, Washington

Prior to driving out west to visit with family, our daughter told us that our oldest granddaughter, Violet, was going to “big girl camp” for the first time this summer. The idea came up that we would host the younger granddaughter, Scarlet, for the same week at our RV for Camp NanaPa.

Sunday, August 4th

Shirts were designed and made up with our Cricut machine and fun activities were planned for the week. On Sunday the 4th, after dropping Violet at big girl camp, Elizabeth and Cole dropped Scarlet off with us at the trailer.


After Cole and Elizabeth left, we discovered that they forgot to leave Scarlet’s booster seat for the car. So, we drove (carefully) to the local Target and picked one up.


Having a car seat meant we could then drive safely to the local Papa John’s, where we picked up dinner for opening night of Camp NanaPa.


Monday, August 5th

On Monday, our fun activity was making tie dye shirts. Each one of us did a different design. After tying up the shirts with rubber bands and dying them with the dyes we bought at a craft store, we wrapped them up and put them in baggies to set for a couple days.


We went out later to get ice cream at DQ. Afterwards, Scarlet wasn’t too impressed with their outdoor playground (nor were we), so we set out in search of a nearby park with children’s playground equipment. We found one in Gig Harbor that was fun to play in and fun to explore.



Of course, no camp would be complete without sharing in the responsibilities of keeping things neat and clean. Taking the trash to the dumpster became a daily ritual.


Tuesday, August 6th

We spent most of the day just hanging around camp, but headed over to Elizabeth and Cole’s house in the afternoon for some swimming time.


That evening, Malcolm and Cole went to a movie while Nana and Scarlet headed back to Camp NanaPa. Cole dropped Malcolm off at the trailer after the movie.

Wednesday, August 7th

Wednesday’s fun outing was heading over to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. We spent most of the afternoon there, visiting all the different animals and aquatic life. Malcolm got a bunch of pictures on the big camera and put them on his photo gallery. Click this sentence to go see them.

A trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without some ice cream.


Or playing in the sand.


Or seeing your picture on the wall at the aquarium.


After our zoo trip, Val washed and dried the tie dye shirts.

Thursday, August 8th

We all put on our tie dye shirts and walked to the entrance of the RV park to wait for the trolley (a bus that looks like a trolley) to ride to downtown Gig Harbor for the farmers market.




Scarlet got a mermaid balloon sculpture at the farmers market and we picked up a couple items there to take back to the trailer.


Friday, August 9th

Since Violet’s camp ended on Friday, we decided to take Scarlet home on Friday afternoon. We waited until Elizabeth, Cole and Violet were on the way home before we left, so they would have time to hear about Violet’s week before Scarlet arrived home.


Once at the house, we looked at some of Violet’s pictures and heard some of her camp stories before we left. Elizabeth, Cole and the girls were heading out on Saturday morning to Lake Chelan, so there were still things to pack in their camper. We would head out there on Saturday to camp with them. That’s the next post, coming up soon.





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