Trip Out West – Day 1

Location: Panama City, Florida

We took our time leaving this morning, as Val needed to stop by Michael’s Arts and Crafts to pick up some yarn for a project she’s working on as we travel. They opened at 9 am, so we planned our morning accordingly.

We stopped at Wawa to pick up some breakfast burritos and to top off the tank on the truck, then drove across the highway to Michael’s. Then it was on the road.


We headed up Florida 429 to the Florida Turnpike, then on to I-75. We stopped to fix lunch at a rest stop just south of Lake City, Florida.


We rolled into Panama City around 3:30 PM. We made a stop at Target as Malcolm needed a different pair of sunglasses. He had broken his favorite ones a couple weeks ago and had been wearing a cheap backup pair he bought at some point. Those glasses were really tight on his head and were giving him a headache. We also picked up a half-gallon of milk to put in the fridge.

On the way to our son’s house, Malcolm spotted a really low price on diesel and pulled into the Murphy Oil station at the WalMart to top off the tank. $2.039 is a really good price in Florida for diesel (we paid $2.359 at home on the way out of town). Turns out there was a little price war going on through that stretch of road.


We got to our son’s house not long after he left for his overnight shift at work for the Air Force. We’re staying in his guest room overnight and will see him when he gets home in the morning. Tomorrow’s trip is fairly short (about 3 hours), so we can hang around for a while in the morning and visit.


By the way, here’s what the bed of the truck looks like when the tent is collapsed. We found it is easy to just drop the tent with the mattress and luggage inside and pull the rolling bed cover closed. When we get to our destination and need the tent, we open the rolling cover and tailgate, set up the tent and it’s ready to sleep in. Takes all of about 5-7 minutes.


The test a couple nights ago running the refrigerator on the inverter was a success. When Malcolm plugged the refrigerator into the inverter at 5:00PM, the inverter indicated the truck’s battery voltage was 12.4 volts. At 7:00PM, it said 12.2 volts, which was slightly concerning. However, at midnight it still said 12.2 volts, as it did in the morning about 7:30 AM. The truck started up no problem.



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