South Dakota

Current Location: Mt. Rushmore KOA, Hill City, South Dakota

We broke with our approximately 200-ish miles per day itinerary today. The Rapid City area was to be tomorrow’s stop. Instead of stopping in eastern South Dakota today, we decided to just keep on trucking across the state and ended up with a 468 mile day. It helped that we gained an hour due to moving into the Mountain Time Zone.

We’ve stopped at this KOA before (back in 2013 when David was traveling with us) as it is just around the corner from Mt. Rushmore. Since we’ve already visited that site, we’re debating on what we’ll visit or do tomorrow (we’re staying here two nights to make up for the skipped stop).



Current Location: Jackson KOA, Jackson, Minnesota

We were on the road around 8:00 am this morning and made it to our next destination just in time for lunch. These relatively short drive days (200-220 miles) make for a relaxing day on the road. Also, we get to the next destination without having to stop to fuel up the truck on the road. We typically unhitch when we arrive and run the truck into town to fill it up.


Jackson MN KOA

The KOA here is nice. Fairly open, but still has some trees around. We decided to catch up on laundry by using the campground washers while they weren’t busy. We brought our wet laundry back and have been drying it in our washer/dryer all afternoon. Saves a few quarters and standing around the laundry room.


Illinois and Wisconsin

Previous Location: Chicago Northwest KOA, Union, Illinois

Current Location: Pettibone Resort RV Park, La Crosse, Wisconsin

We arrived at the Chicago Northwest KOA on Thursday afternoon. Once we got set up, Malcolm called his high school classmate John to make plans to meet for dinner. We met John and his wife, Nicole, for dinner in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We had some great Italian food and had fun catching up.


Campsite at Chicago Northwest KOA

On Friday, we drove to Oak Park, Illinois to take a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio. It was a very interesting tour. Afterwards, we walked down the street and had some Chicago-style stuffed pizza for lunch. Then we walked around the area and took pictures of several Wright-designed homes.


Wright’s home


Interior light, Wright’s home


Drafting room in Wright’s studio


Office in Wright’s studio


Wright-designed home


Wright-designed home

After visiting Oak Park, we drove to Ikea to pick up a couple items we’ve been looking at. While there, we called John to see what they were doing for dinner. We drove over to their house and visited for a bit before riding with them to Lake Zurich for dinner. After dinner, we rode back to the house and visited until late before heading back to the trailer.

This morning we left the Chicago area and headed northwest to La Crosse, Wisconsin for the evening. We’ve just been relaxing here. We ran into town to pick up some groceries, but haven’t done any sightseeing.


Site in La Crosse

The remainder of our trip west over the next eight days will follow I-90. Each day’s travel is only about 210-220 miles, making for shorter travel days.

Another State on the Map

Current Location: Dayton KOA, Brookville, Ohio

This morning, Malcolm ran into town to fill up the truck with fuel and to get the flat (spare) tire fixed. He was able to do both, get back to the campground and get hooked up to pull out of the park by 9:00 am.

We traveled west on I-76 and I-70 into Ohio, which is now our 38th state since we are staying for two nights here at the Dayton KOA. Our map is getting full of states. Other than Alaska and New England, only Michigan and West Virginia are conspicuous by their absence.


All set up at the KOA

Once we got set up, we let the air conditioners run while we headed to Meijer for a couple items we needed. Dinner for tonight at the trailer was going to be Skyline Chili. But, since we are in Skyline Chili country, we stopped by a Skyline Chili restaurant, instead.


Time for dinner

Once back at the trailer, Malcolm decided to take a dip in the pool for a bit and cool off. We both sat outside until dark, enjoying the weather.

Tomorrow’s plan is to at least go to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. We might hit another site if time permits. More on that if it happens.




Current Location: Yogi Bear’s Jellystone at Mill Run, Mill Run, Pennsylvania

We packed up the trailer and hitched up to head west this morning. During the course of our hitch-up routine, Malcolm turns on the tire pressure monitor in the truck to make sure all the truck and trailer tires are ready to go. One of the inside dual tires on the truck was showing 0 psi. Malcolm checked, and sure enough it was flat.


Screw in the tire

Fortunately, we were running ahead of schedule, so a half hour later, the spare was mounted and the truck was ready to roll. Malcolm put the other tire in the back of the truck and we’ll see if we can get it repaired tomorrow when everything is open.

We headed on west to the Jellystone park here in Mill Run, Pennsylvania. We arrived around 2:15 pm (just 15 minutes after check-in) and were parked by about 3:00.


All set up

We wandered over to the gift shop to pick up a t-shirt for our quilt, then back to the trailer to get ready to go visit at the nearby (4 miles away) Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, Fallingwater. We had tickets for the next to last tour of the day which worked out nice for pictures as most everyone else had headed up the hill to get in their cars. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside, but the outside is the most iconic view anyway.


Sign at the road


Iconic view of the house

While there, we signed up for a membership in the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, which oversees Fallingwater. With our membership, we get free admission to several Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes and buildings across the US, as well as four more admissions to Fallingwater (which we can let others use). We also got a 10% discount on merchandise.

We’re stopping in the greater Chicago area Thursday and Friday nights this coming week and are planning on visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio as well as the Robie house while in the area.