The Rest of the Rally

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

On the second day of rally….

On Saturday, several folks congregated early in the rally hall at the campground and fixed a great breakfast. We all sat around and talked until it was nearly lunch time. Saturday was also a very rainy day. Several of the ladies decided to go shopping and leave the men behind. Malcolm sat around the trailer and just took it easy, including watching part of a movie.

Once Val was back, she prepared her contribution to the evening pitch-in. There were lots of tasty foods and we all sat around and chatted after dinner, had our group photo taken, and generally introduced ourselves to the group.

On Sunday, Malcolm awoke with a migraine and stayed in bed for a while. Val headed over to the rally hall where breakfast consisted of drinks and packaged pastries. Val visited over there until mid-morning. Meanwhile, Malcolm finally pried himself out of bed, took a shower and felt better. Several of us convoyed over to Sal’s by Victors for lunch. We headed back to the trailer to visit with Malcolm’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles for a while.

After they left, we headed down to Williamsburg for the grand illumination ceremony. Unfortunately, it was cold, damp and windy, which made for a miserable wait for the fireworks. We were the first ones to bail and headed to see warmth and shelter in the bar of a restaurant. We listened to the fireworks from inside. After a light meal of appetizers and beverages, we headed on to the truck and back to the trailer.

This morning, Malcolm did a lot of the emptying, unhooking and storing of stuff in advance of tomorrow’s departure. The weather forecast is for rain on Tuesday, so we wanted to get as much of the outside stuff done as possible while it was at least dry outside. Afterwards, we headed to downtown Williamsburg with our neighbors, the Pikes. We wandered through several different stores and had lunch at the DoG pub. We headed back to the trailer to do a few more pre-movement chores and to generally take it easy.

Tomorrow, we head back west towards Nashville. It will end up being a two day trip.

First Day of Rally

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

This morning we all got together at a nearby home of the Barnetts, some of the Heartland Owners Group members. They fixed pancakes and the rest of us brought other breakfast items. We had an enjoyable time visiting and eating breakfast together. We visited until nearly noon before everyone dispersed.

Ready for breakfast

Ready for breakfast

Pancakes nearly gone

Pancakes nearly gone

We headed back to the trailer where Malcolm had a noon phone call for work. After that was done, we loaded up our laundry and headed to the laundry room. We started the wash and went over to the office to grab some postcards. We filled out postcards while the laundry washed. Once the laundry was done, we returned to the trailer and put the laundry away. Afterwards, we fixed our pitch-in item for the evening’s dinner – a taco salad.

Dinner was homemade pizza on the grill and it was excellent. We didn’t get any pictures of the festivities. We all sat around and talked for a while after dinner before heading back to our trailers.

On to Virginia

Current Location: American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, Virginia

We left this morning in cool, slightly foggy weather. It stayed fairly dark and overcast the first hour or two of our trip, the slowly lightened up and finally became mostly sunny. The temperature dropped all day as we traveled, though. We left South Carolina with 59 degree weather and arrived in Williamsburg to 48 degree weather. We checked into the park here around 2:30 PM and headed on back to our site to set up.

Our site

Our site

We are here for the Virginia rally of the Heartland Owners Club. The Virginia chapter leaders, the Van Opstals, came by to say Hi as we were setting up, then left us to our business. Once set up, Val took down any remaining fall or Thanksgiving decorations and put out the Christmas items.

Deck the halls

Deck the halls

Our Charlie Brown tree

Our Charlie Brown tree

With the setup and decorating out of the way, we headed back down to visit with the van Opstals for a while, then headed back to the trailer to get ready for dinner out. Eight of us convoyed to Sal’s by Victor Italian restaurant for an excellent meal. Afterwards, we all stopped by the grocery store next door to stock up on some items and headed back to our respective trailers.

Today’s license plate count – 30 of 51 plates:

License Plates

License Plates

Fathers’ Day Get Together

Current Location: Newport News Park Campground, Newport News, Virginia

This morning, we took our time getting moving. We took our golf cart back to turn it in and stopped in the rally hall for a pretty good catered hot breakfast. We visited with a few folks that were there and said our goodbyes since we were leaving today.

Back at the trailer, we slowly broke everything down, which took a while since we had pulled out nearly all our outdoor stuff. Various folks wandered by to say goodbye. We finally hitched up around 10:45 or so and pulled out from Bethpage, waving to those that remained or were getting ready to leave themselves.

Today’s trip was short, only about an hour, before we arrived at Newport News Park. The last time we were in the area, we completely missed this park. We had no excuse as Malcolm’s grandparents used to stay in the campground here when visiting family in the area. This year we found it and what a gem. The whole campground is very densely wooded. It is beautiful. Here are a couple pictures.

Our campsite

Our campsite

View from the door side of the trailer

View from the door side of the trailer

After setting up the trailer, we headed up the road to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel, then headed back to the campground, picking up a bag of ice on the way back in. Our son David called his Dad while he was in line to pay for the ice and asked if Malcolm had opened his fathers’ day gift. We had been so busy all day, we had completely forgotten about it (it has been in the trailer since Monday). Malcolm opened it when we got back to the trailer. The kids chipped in and bought him a nice 12V air compressor.

Once back at the trailer, we set up outside for entertaining. Malcolm’s Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles were coming over along with Malcolm’s cousin Beth and her family and Malcolm’s cousin Theresa. We were surprised to see Malcolm’s Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jerry were with them, as well, from Kentucky. They had all celebrated Aunt Mary, Aunt Margaret (they are twins) and cousin Beth’s birthdays yesterday.

The gang's all here

The gang’s all here

We had a great time. Malcolm grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and the aunts and cousins brought over side items, drinks and chairs. We sat and talked for quite a while after dinner. Of course, those that hadn’t seen the trailer were given the tour. Once everyone left, we ran the trash over to the dumpster after putting all the chairs and things away outside then headed into the trailer to relax.

We plan on touring around the area tomorrow and heading on the long drive to Sheppard Air Force Base starting Tuesday morning. We’ll make a four day trip out of it, but it will be four fairly long days.


Last Full Day of Rally

Current Location: Bethpage Camp Resort, Urbanna, Virginia

Today was the last full day of the Rally. Val went to the Heartland Gives Back event to turn in her baby items as well as assist with others turning theirs in. There were a couple of the families being supported by our selected charity this year at the lunch. Food was served and the items packed up and sent off with the charity. Malcolm stayed in the trailer since he had a headache. Val took pictures, though.








This evening’s event was another catered dinner and a band called The Beach Bumz. The theme was based on a beach theme with everyone encouraged to dress in beach attire. The band was good, the food was good and we had fun visiting with different folks. Each person also received an LED light-up ice cube like the ones we’ve gotten in Disney World before. Tonight’s ice cubes were branded with the Heartland logo.








We said goodbyes to several folks that were planning on pulling out early in the morning. We are going to take our time packing up as we have less than an hour drive before we set up camp in Newport News tomorrow.