2 thoughts on “How-To’s

  1. We are getting ready to replace all carpet with peel and stick plank tile.The instructions indicate not to apply over OSB floor. Is your flooring OSB or regular plywood? Have you had any trouble with the tiles or planks lifting?
    Our rig is a 29RE north trail 5th wheel.


    Ron and Peggy Ables

    • The base flooring in our rig was all OSB. However, the kitchen and bathroom tiles were peel and stick. We didn’t have any problems with them lifting up. We no longer have that trailer, so I can’t speak to how well they have fared after several months of use.

      In a related modification – sticking down peel-and-stick tiles on the bed platform (which is also OSB) – we found that the tiles are easily lifted and removed. Since they are usually under a heavy mattress, though, that’s generally not an issue. I had to remove a few recently to access the screws holding the OSB down to the frame to adjust the hydraulic slide bracket, and just stuck the tiles back down when I was done. Again, with a mattress sitting on those tiles 99% of the time, that’s not an issue.

      There may be some prep you can do before placing the peel-and-stick planks down on the OSB floor. I’m confident if they use OSB in a higher end trailer such as a Big Country that they probably have in your North Trail, as well.

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