A Long Trip to Washington

July 13 to 14, 2019 – Sprague Lake Resort Campground, Sprague, Washington

As mentioned yesterday, our stop in the Idaho panhandle didn’t pan out, nor did a stop in the Spokane, Washington area. We ended up about 35 miles west of Spokane at this little campground at the east end of Sprague Lake.


Our Lakefront Property

The campground is small and is run by one lady that lives in a house on the grounds. She met us at the front as we pulled in and walked us around to choose our site. When we arrived, there were two other RVs here. She decided we should have the corner spot since the way our RV would angle in, we would have a good view of the lake not only from our back window, but the door side windows as well.


The only downside to the place (aside from the cost of $50 a night) was the smell of goose poop. There were approximately 100 Canadian Geese roaming around on the adjacent property and have obviously been hanging around the campground at different times. Fortunately, it was a breezy day, so the smell was carried away pretty well – well enough to sit outside and enjoy the afternoon.


Today’s trip was 468 miles – about 120 miles further than we planned for today. However, tomorrow is our last travel day and we now have 120 miles less to travel on to our destination in Gig Harbor, Washington.



Montana Rains

July 12 to 13, 2019 – Livingston KOA, Livingston, Montana

Another uneventful drive today through the rest of Wyoming and into Montana. We had warm, sunny weather the whole way here. Our site faces the campground office, so we can see everyone coming in. Also, the Beartooth Mountains are very visible behind us.


Since we got in a bit early (around 2:00 PM), we hooked everything up so we could do some laundry in the trailer. We also sat outside under our awning and enjoyed watching the world go by for a while. Malcolm walked down to see the Yellowstone River rushing by (the camping cabins back up to the river).


While we were cooking dinner, a storm rolled in. It hailed for a few minutes – mostly pea-sized hail, then settled into a steady rain with some occasional thunder. The temperature cooled down from the upper-80s into the mid-60s. Should be a chilly morning tomorrow.

While sitting outside, Malcolm called our next stop – the only one we didn’t pre-arrange a reservation for – only to find out they are full tomorrow. There is some type of festival going on in the Idaho panhandle area or Spokane, Washington area that has all the campgrounds through that stretch booked full. We finally found something a good ways west of Spokane, which means we have a nearly 500 mile drive tomorrow. Fortunately, that is the last stop before we reach our destination in Gig Harbor, WA, so we’ll have a shorter drive on Sunday.


Wyoming Stop

July 11 to 12, 2019 – Buffalo KOA, Buffalo, Wyoming

Pretty uneventful trip today from Wellington, Colorado to Buffalo, Wyoming. There is an event called Frontier Days going on in Cheyenne, Wyoming that has rodeos, country music stars, etc. We saw dozens of trucks pulling big horse trailers running south on I-25 the whole way here.


After setting up the trailer and turning on both air conditioners (it was 94 degrees here), we headed to downtown Buffalo to wander through downtown. We founds a couple treasures at an antique store before heading back to the trailer.


We picked up some wiper blades on the way back as we noticed the truck needed new ones the last time it rained on us. A thunderstorm that ended up passing by Buffalo was a nice reminder to pick up a pair of blades.

Tomorrow it is on to Montana.


Colorado Stop

July 10 to 11, 2019 – Fort Collins North / Wellington KOA, Wellington, Colorado

We had our breakfast this morning at the Wakeeney KOA – pancakes and (for Malcolm) sausage. Very tasty and a great way to start a travel day.

The trip from Wakeeney to Wellington, Colorado was pretty uneventful. One one of our stops along the way, we parked next to this big EarthRoamer RV. Very impressive looking (and very expensive).


We arrived at the Wellington KOA around 3:00 or so mountain time. This is our only stop with 30 amp service (the campground is full), so we ran one air conditioner at a time and cooked on the gas stove instead of our induction cooktop. Life is rough at 30 amps.


Malcolm found his buddies that he met at this campground last year.


Tomorrow we head on up into Wyoming.


Kansas Stop

July 9 to 10, 2019 – WaKeeney KOA, WaKeeney, Kansas

Today’s trip was uneventful. A straight drive from Odessa, Missouri through Kansas City, Missouri and on down I-70 west to Wakeeney. We’ve stayed at this KOA before and it has really improved each time.


As we were driving in, we noticed the new pool area and decided that would be our first stop after getting everything set up. The pool just opened this year and they did a super job on it and the surrounding area. Very nice.

Back to the trailer after a swim and Malcolm set up the grill to cook up some chicken, pineapple and pepper packets on the grill. He had some help via our next door neighbor’s chocolate lab – Murphy.


After dinner, we headed over to the campground office where they serve ice cream and floats each evening. We each got a double scoop of ice cream ($1.75 for a double scoop) and a bottle of water. We also wandered around the shop but didn’t buy anything.


Tomorrow morning, we’ll drop back by the office for breakfast. They serve pancakes and sausage at a pretty reasonable price, as well. Makes for a nice, hearty breakfast before heading out on the road.