Kitchen Faucet Mod

We hadn’t planned on doing this one, but ended up doing it anyway. Might as well make a clean sweep of the nickel hardware. We found that the finish on the standard kitchen faucet in the trailer was already starting to wear off, so we went shopping and found a really nice pull-down faucet. This one is another Peerless faucet.

After turning off the main water supply outside and running the water through the faucet until it stopped flowing, it was time to disconnect the old faucet. The lighting is provided by a nifty LED head lamp we bought recently at The Home Depot.


Here’s a picture before Malcolm dug out the nifty head lamp.


Here’s a picture of the finish on the old faucet already wearing off.


Now we have the old one all out, ready to mount the new faucet.


All installed and no leaks! Also, the water seems to flow out of this faucet a little better than the old one. They must put really low flow fixtures in RVs to conserve water.


OK, so this is probably the last big upgrade. The only thing we may do at some point is replace the stock recliners, but have decided to live with those for a while.