Things Moving Along

Haven’t posted in a while, but that primarily means life is going along as normal. We’re still living pretty much full time out in the trailer. Val was downgraded from crutches and a full cast to a walking cast, so she can get around better now. As a matter of fact we found out this evening that she can even ride a bike fairly well in it as we circled around the campground a bit.

A couple more upgrades to the trailer. We ordered an Oxygenics shower head from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Installed it last night. Made the morning shower today a lot nicer. Even though it is probably not using any more water than the old shower head, it sure felt like it. The big test will be when Val tries to wash her hair with it.

We’re trying to adjust our data habits after installing the wi-fi hotspot in the trailer. It’s only halfway through the month and we’ve just about burned through our data plan. I figured it would take a couple months to get the hang of it. We try to do major upgrades at the house or somewhere we can borrow free wi-fi. With Val pretty much stuck at the trailer all day while Malcolm works, she just went ahead and did some of her updates out here, so that used a bit more than we were hoping for.

The big event the last couple of nights has been the big ladybug invasion. Seems this time of year they all swarm to find a place to hibernate for the winter. They are attracted to structures (or trailers) that are warmed by the afternoon sun (check) and are light in color (check). We came into the trailer Friday afternoon to find about 100 of them crawling around on the ceiling. We were on the way out, so we left them for the time being and only found a couple dozen when we returned (which means there’s a pretty big group of them hiding somewhere).

The central vac in the trailer has been handy for collecting up the strays we find around the trailer. After vacuuming them up both Friday and Saturday, we found the downside – the smell. When we would run the vacuum, which exhausts under the upstairs floor, the smell from the bugs we had already vacuumed up would waft up through the intake vent for the furnace and smell up the trailer.

Fortunately, we were blessed with cloudy weather today and only a couple of stragglers on the ceiling. Malcolm took the opportunity to pull the vacuum bag and replace it with a clean one. If we don’t find more than a couple strays, we won’t bother sucking them up in the vacuum. Phew, what a smell. Let’s hope they’re done swarming for the season.