A Little Bit East

Current Location: St. George Island State Park, Eastpoint, Florida

This morning we got most everything ready to go, then went to meet David at the base to drop off some food goodies with him and tell him goodbye for now. We also topped off the tank on the truck.

We hitched up at 11:00 AM and headed east a little over an hour to St. George Island State Park. The campground is out near the end of St. George Island, which is a barrier island off the coast near Apalachicola, Florida.


The town of Apalachicola looked pretty neat as we drove through. We’ll have to make a trip back that way to check things out. We’ll be here through Friday morning, so we’ll have some chances to do some sightseeing.

Today we mainly sat around the trailer (inside, unfortunately, due to the massive number of mosquitoes in the campground). We did venture out to the beach for a while. Val looked at shells and Malcolm flew a new kite he had purchased a few days ago in Mexico Beach. The wind was just strong enough to get the kite flying, but it was just a little too light to do much higher distance flying.




Malcolm Flying His Kite

The campground is really nice here. The beach is excellent. There were maybe a dozen people on the beach as far as we could see. The beach is part of the state park, so that probably helps (as does the fact that the holiday weekend is pretty much over).

Thanksgiving Week

Current Location: Rustic Sands Resort Campground, Mexico Beach, Florida

The early part of this week we generally just did day to day stuff – grocery shopping, laundry, etc. We had David and a couple of his friends over for dinner one night and baked a lot of holiday goodies for David to take back to base with him.

On Thursday, we headed to an Air Force family’s home for Thanksgiving pitch-in dinner. There were about 13 adults and 5 children in attendance as well as more than enough food. We stayed for several hours. The younger adults played games while the children played nicely together. We just had fun visiting.

Tomorrow, we’re packing up to leave this area but moving down the coast just a little to a state park for a few nights before heading back to Wetumpka.


Back to the Beach for Thanksgiving

Current Location: Rustic Sands Resort Campground, Mexico Beach, Florida

We headed on out from Fort Toulouse this morning around 8:30 or 9:00 and drove back down here to Mexico Beach. It was a nice, quiet Sunday drive with not a lot of traffic. We arrived here around 2:00 PM and pulled into our spot (same one we had last time).

We got set up here and did a little light cleaning inside and put everything out that we normally do when we are staying more than a couple days. Val called David to invite him over. He and his buddies were going to watch a movie first. Later when we called around dinner time, they were just getting ready to start watching their movie. We enticed them to come meet us for pizza at a nice little place up the road before their movie.

After pizza, they headed back to base to watch their movie and we relaxed around the trailer the rest of the evening.


Passing Through Alabama

Current Location: Fort Toulouse Campground, Wetumpka, Alabama

OK, so we’re not on a direct route back to Mexico Beach. We stopped by Wetumpka to pick up a dining table and two chairs we ordered a couple weeks ago. It replaces the (too tall) dining table and chairs that came in the trailer. We had looked at this upgrade with the previous trailer but decided to think about it for a while. (Sorry, no pictures).

In the morning, we head down to Mexico Beach for a week for Thanksgiving with David.


Eastward Ho

Current Location: Mazalea RV Park, Biloxi, Mississippi

We headed out from Livingston this morning around 8:00 AM and traveled the back roads down to I-10 (US 190 and US 287) at Beaumont, Texas. We decided today just to travel as far as we felt comfortable traveling. We ended up in Biloxi (we seem to have ended up here quite a bit lately) for the night after traveling just over 400 miles.

We got a pull-through site and left the truck hooked up. We did hook up power, water and sewer since it was getting time to dump the tanks. Malcolm did that after we got hooked up to get it out of the way. In the morning, we just pull hoses and cords, pull up the jacks and head on up the road to Wetumpka.

Today was the first day traveling with our new dash cam. It started out a little rough, claiming after an hour that there was no memory card. Malcolm shut it off and when he turned it on later, it was happy for a little while, then did the same again. We turned it off most of the trip then Malcolm re-seated the memory card again after cleaning it and it ran fine the rest of the trip. More details later after we decide if it is a keeper or not (watching that memory card issue carefully).